Genuine Product SG-A1000F

Multi-Universal Fan Remote Control


Genuine SG-A1000F is Supported by 129 Remote Control Technologies - 


Multi-Universal Fan Remote Control which works for most of the KDK, Wall, Ceiling Fan and many others Fan brand which operate by IR.

Remote Control Replacement for KDK: A11YS, M11SU, V56VS, M40MS, M56SR, R56SV, R48SP, U56VS

and many others.


Remote Control Replacement for: Wall Ceiling Fan Remote Control Eurouno, Wings, Deka, Alpha, Elmark, KDK and many others.


SG-A1000F support most of the Wall Fan, Standing Fan, Box Fan, Ceiling Fan which operated by Infrared for Singapore & Malaysia.

Please do not hesistate to enquiry with us if there is any enquires. 


Thank you.